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tv   News 4 New York at 530  NBC  September 21, 2015 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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you connected to everything you need to know about the papal visit. head to to see what makes pope francis so different from his predecessors and the impact he's having on the catholic church. new at 5:30, former pro tennis star james blake is meeting with the mayor and police commissioner to talk about his mistaken arrest earlier this month. comes as the city council pushes new legislation to crack down on what they describe as overly aggressive officers. melissa russo outside in manhattan to explain. melissa? >> david, not all new yorkers who manage to get a sit down meeting with the mayor and police commissioner at city hall after feeling mistreated by police. but james blake had that opportunity today after being wrongfully arrested earlier this month, tackled to the ground by a plain clothed officer who, as we know now, mistook him for another suspect. that officer has a history of complaints about excessive force. the mayor and police
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commissioner have already called blake on the phone. they've issued public apologies. but since then, blake has said he wants that officer's badge and gun taken away for good. something he was hoping to discuss with those city officials today at city hall. but it was not a subject, those officials wanted to discuss publicly, with us. >> try to make some progress. >> i'm not going to speak to that at all. i'll be making that final determination, i'm not going to speak to that at all. he had not gone through the most recent training. the three-day in-service training that we have been providing. that's correct. the process of putting those last, approximately 13,000 officers through that training. >> i'm certainly going to let him know how much we are making fundamental reforms in the relationship between police and community. that we are retraining our entire patrol force, which has never been done before.
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>> and several city council members, as you mentioned, david, announced today that they'll propose legislation that they say would do a better job than the police department does now of flagging and potentially abusive or problematic officers early on. blake arrived here at city hall 90 minutes ago and he's still inside and that meeting should be wrapping up very soon. melissa russo, news 4 new york. >> thank you. tonight an update in what was a murder mystery. the person accused of murdering a man dumping his body in the woods is in jail tonight. garcia is charged with the murder of luis blanco. his body was found by a jogger last month. police arrested garcia friday night. he's being held without bail. two teen nlers from fairfield county have been identified as victims of a plane crash in upstate new york.
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they were both 18-year-old freshman at colgate university. the plane crashed yesterday afternoon, just after takeoff from hamilton municipal airport. it went down in eaton, new york, a few miles from the colgate campus. the breaking news afeblthing the evening commute. service changes on the a, b and d lines all because of a broken rails near 125th and at 72nd streets. here's how it breaks down. b trains are only running between brighten beach and white hall street south ferry. running local from 145th street to columbus circle and d trains running local between norwood 205th street and columbus circle in both directions. leave yourself plenty of time if you're venturing out. the tourist climb the brooklyn bridge to snap a selfie the plea deal being offered. where you will now be able to find the blue bicycles on the street. lester holt has a look at what he's working on for 6:30. >> breaking political news.
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for president now dropping out. also tonight on the eve of the pope's trip to the united states, a look at the unprecedented security surrounding his visit and what some drivers won't do to beat the train. our cameras captured the deadly gamble at rail crossings across the country when we see you at
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we have new information tonight on that tourist whose selfie spurred security concerns at the brooklyn bridge. david rejected a plea deal that included three months behind bars. the tennessee man illegally climbed a beam to take a defl selfie. his next court appearance is in december. citi bike. city officials say approximately 350 bikes will be available at 35 stations. if you're a jersey city
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an annual membership, daily and weekly memberships also available. coming up, how some are avoiding the traffic nightmares from the pope's visit by tweeting them tweet treating them selves to a little r and r. but, first, our social pick of the day. hello, autumn. any of you pulling out the jackets and sweaters today. milan2ny capturing it beautifully. if you have an interesting pic you'd like to see nbc4ny and be selected as the social pic of the day. have a tip for new york's biggest i-team call 866-news-244
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coming up on news 4 at 6:00, a live update from our own darlene rodriguez on the only local reporter in cuba on the pope's historic visit there. what law enforcement was most worried about during the visit here in new york city. a road rage attack. a father is run off the road and beaten so badly he suffered a broken jaw and facial fractures all in front of his 2-year-old child. those stories and much more new at 6:00 when chuck and i see you at 6:00. decision 2016 and nbc news has confirmed that republican candidate scott walker is dropping out of the race. he is expected to make that announcement in 15 minutes. meanwhile, a prominent muslim group is calling for republican
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the council on american islamic relations says carson is unfit to lead after he said he would not support a muslim candidate because their values are inconsistent with the american constitution. >> i would not advocate that we put a muslim in charge of this nation. >> carson's campaign later clarified insisting he has great respect for muslims, but "just didn't believe the american people are ready for a muslim president." this is rival donald trump continues to fend off questions about his failure to correct a questioner who wrongly claimed president obama is a muslim. >> it's not my obligation to defend the president. and is the president going to defend me because last night during the emmy awards people said things about me. >> on the democratic side, the latest nbc news online survey shows that hillary clinton's lead over bernie sanders has dwindled from 24 points to just 13 over the last month. whether it's to set up a small business or share family
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website can be fairly easy. >> but a new jersey man got suspicious about renewal charges for his site so he said better get baquero. >> shiba, our consumer received a renewal notice many months before his internet domain was set to expire. he had questions about it and he asked us and we got answers. richard stockman enjoys photography and set up several in tternet domains to showcase his work. >> i love the idea of having my own domain names. it's easy, it's inexpensive and it can be fun. >> reporter: he registered them with and has been happy with their services for years. month before he was set to renew he got this letter from internet donane name services in jersey city about his site. >> you don't want to lose it, do you want to continue it or keep current? here's our deal. >> reporter: the expiration date was still about four months away so he questioned the notice. >> it just didn't make a whole
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lot of sense. it didn't sound right and i thought the prices were kind of out of line. >> reporter: he contacted his oodomain registrar and turns out contact information for websites is available on public data bases. so, we reached out to internet domain name services about the tice they sent to richard and admit it is a solicitation to transfer the domain name to your current registrar to them. it's up to the consumer to decide. richard chose to stay with go daddy and advised them about the letter. >> once they confirmed it wasn't them, i was thinking, you know, you guys need to know that there's a company out there trying to pull your clients. your customers away. >> when we asked internet domain name services about the solic solicitation they say the notice contains factual information and asks if a consumer wants to transfer and switch to them for renewal. transfer is in there. you have to look closely. e next time your donane
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main is up for renewal, check the rates to see which registrar offers the pest deal for you. i think a lot of people would have seen it and automatically transferred over. what if you're not sure which company registered your domain. >> maybe you do it one, two, three years ago. go online to find out. it's quite easy. search the who is directory from i can. the internet corporation for assigned names and numbers. just type in the domain and then the registrar's name and the link to that company will appear. in fact, i looked at richard's website domain and, yes, it is in there. the company that he had originally registered with. >> who is. >> i can't. that's different. all right, thank you. remember to get in touch with our consumer investigative team. send an e-mail to better get baquero at all right. janice huff a lot of folks happy with today's crisp weather.
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>> yes, a lot of people happy. time to break out long sleeves and sweaters and jackets. at least during the morning hours. this afternoon, it warmed oplittle bit. but temperatures were still rather cool. actu ally, a degree below average in central park, which we haven't seenein quite a while. to 72 today. but the average is73. now, of course, it won't stay th cool for long. but it will for tonight. if you're planning to go watch the braves against the mets tonight at citi field bring along your jacket and shorts might feel good in the beginning of the game, but maybe fraught towards the middle and end he of the game when the temperatures cool down. the ragweed count is moderate now. not as bad as it has been. but still out there. right now temperatures are in the 60s to near 70. farmingville right now at 70 in west hampton and comfortable for sure. 67 in white plains and only 59 degrees up around monticello. winds are still generally out of the west out of the east, sorry. onshore winds, but they aren't as gusty as they were earlier today.
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but still cool. tracking a few light showers and moving up towards pike county and a few near middletown, new jersey but just spri'kles. unfortunately, still way below average between 5 and 8 1/2 inches below average. still no significant rainfall in sight. more warm, sunny weather starting on wednesday. we're back up to 80 degrees. we'll stay there thursday, as ll. friday we'll drop a couple of degrees as another onshore flow sets in and low pressure system developing off shore and we're expecting the rain to stay away from us. for tonight down to the 40z s and 50s, again. the higher elevations, you're cooler. rockhill, newton, 40s to near 50. another chilly morning for us. a lot of clouds still around tomorrow, too. for long island and coastal connecticut, but still very comfortable. temperatures warming into the 70s. for the city, same deal. mix of sun and clouds. becomes a bit sunnier by 5:00 and stay right around 70, 75 for tomorrow.
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the morning. 63 at 8:00 a.m. and 70 around noon. and for areas north and west, of course, you need the sweaters the most. the temperatures starting out at 8:00 a.m. in the 50s and 70s by the ebd o of the day. yom kippur begins tomorrow evening at sun down. wednesday we have fall, officially. we're back up 25080 in to 80 for the pope's visit. >> 80 degrees for the first day of fall. while many people are excited about the pope's visit, some may be looking to dodge the traffic headaches. a lot of folks are. how businesses on the jersey shore are hoping to get a boost by those looking to get away
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as we've been reporting after wrapping up his visit to new york city, pope flancis will head down to philadelphia over the weekend. >> some people are planning to split town and skip the traffic
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headaches as ted greenburg explains jersey shore businesses are hoping to cash in on their escape. >> reporter: even on the approach to long beach island, there is a warning about pope-related delays in philadelphia this weekend. >> we are hoping, you know, that we are a little bit busier than normal this time of year. >> reporter: jack julian has a christmas-themed shop in beach haven. he and other local business owners expect to see more customers spending the coming weekend at the shore to escape the papal crowds. >> we're beefing up the staff a little it and we're still bringing in some merchandise. >> reporter: normally regina's gourmet specialty store would close at 5:00 on saturdays. this weekend she's planning to stay open until 8:00. >> to accommodate the more people that are here kind of in the off season that we don't normally see >> i'm going to head down to the shore. >> reporter: amy wise lives in erry hill but she'll spend the weekend in ventner, instead. >> a lot of traffic, even in the suburbs.
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i'm not interested in getting caught up in all that. >> rnoorter: louise is also heading to the beach to avoi potential gridlock at home. >> the concern would be that i would be housebound. i wouldn't be able to o much of anything. >> reporter: some jersey shore businesses are offering deals to lure people away from philadelphia for the pap - ekend. oc wean city's hotel is taking 20% off its regular rate and shrives salt water taffy and fudge will have a storewide 10% off sale. >> hopefully nice weather on the weekend and i can go to the beach. >> she thinks some folks will to the sho onc the papal crowds start building. >> as expected, they will build. that does it for us, thank you for watching. stay right here the news continues at 6:00. live from studio 3c in rockefeller center. this is news 4 new york.
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>> now at 6:00, pope francis' historic visit to cuba and news 4 is the only new york station with a reporter on the scene there. plus, security lock down across the city. concerns over lone wolf terrorists and bad guys impe, onating fiost responderss the police officer at the center of a fatal crash turns himself in and appears in court. good evening i'm chuck scarborough. >> i'm sibla vargas. the pope's visit is in full swing. >> pope francis 15 hours from arriving in the united states. beginning in havana and these are pictures of the pope arriving in santiago just about an hour ago as he wraps up his trip to the island nation. on thursday he'll be here in new york city. >> his presence will definitely be felt. security will be almost everywhere in manhattan, but especially tight with street closures and no-go zones where pope francis is actually going from st. patrick's cathedral to the residency on the upper east
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side to the united nations. the 9/11 memorial, east harlem along with central park and madison square garden. >> team coverage tonight. darlene rodriguez is the only local reporter in cuba covering the pope's trip. we begin with jonathan dientst who has more about the worry of the lone wolf terrorist. jonathan? >> an inside look at ssme of the unprecedented security measures now under way here in the citw and what they ar calling one of e biggest, actually, they're calling it the biggest security detail ever in new york history. the air space will be a no-fly zone. the waterways blocked by police boats and on the ground, it's not just the pope's motorcade. but more than 150 motorcades for heads of state, which all will be monitored from this secret service command center in mid-town. robert secca heads the new york secret service. >> this will be the largest
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field office has ever encountered. >> reporter: a security bulletin was issued reminding officials to watch for any impostures trying to buy police or fire uniforms and a possible effort to get around security. sica says there are always general threats for any event, but he wanted to maka one thing clear. >> there is no credible threat presented to either the united nations general assembly or the papal visit. >> reporter: thouskids of nypd officers and fbi agents join in the secret service, an unknown lone actor always a top concern. >> that window is much shorter. and does not afford us the time that we would probably like t have t intervene. so, yes, that does concern all of us. >> reporter: assigning armored limousines for heads of state and their spouses. hundreds and hundreds of vehicles in all. all being lined up, all being assigned to specific countries. operation centers like this one
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keep eyes on the crowd. and this pope who likes to get close to people. >> people will go off script. and maybe take us a little bit out of our comfort zone. we have such a level o experience that this doesn't concern me. >> reporter: the seeet service says it expects any improm tew stops by this s s people have been screened and have tickets like central park or outside here at st. patrick's. live along fifth avenue, jonathan dienst. pope francis is very popular among new yorkers. 79% of long islanders view the pope favorably and 75% of new yorkers feel the same way. the pontiff also enjoys a favorability of 90% among roman catholics from the same areas. the pope found that new yorkers are drawn to the pope's simple lifestyle and stances on things like climate change. today is pope francis' final
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and full day in cuba and he ent it hopping across the island. thousands turned out to sic him where he celebraeed another ss. marks the first time the pope has visited cuba's third largest city. darlene rodriguez joins us live from havana now with more. darlene? >> well, chuck, good evening to you. and the pope arrived in santiago de cuba ahead of schedule after spending much of the day. this pope had a tremendous impact on the people of cuba. so many of the people we talked to personally say they credit him directly with having an impact. and affecting relations. the reestablishment of diplomatic relations between the united states and cuba. pope francesis third pope in 17> years to visit this country. we want to take you now to his araival earlier today in santiago. now, that's the second largest city in cuba. the pope was greeted by the president of the national assembly.
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